9:25 PM

I'm having a lady fail: I can't figure out what shoes to wear to a wedding I'm going to this weekend. I'm wearing a strapless floral print dress and I think I want some kind of brown heel, maybe something strappy or a peep-toe slingback, but I struck out big time at DSW today. I don't want a wedge and that seems Read more

10:14 PM

I was just getting ready to set up a monthly donation to Planned Parenthood when I noticed the button about directing it to a particular chapter. Bearing in mind that we're not talking about a huge amount of money (I was just going to take the amount that I used to spend on my monthly copay for birth control and turn Read more

9:38 PM

Jezzies, what is the best place you've ever lived? Aside from whatever else was going on in your life while you were there (which is hard to separate, I know) what city/region do you like best? I have moved around a bit and while I like where I am currently, I sometimes feel like I want to live everywhere. I'll go Read more

7:39 PM

So I just bought a Diva Cup and I'm excited to try it out, but also getting a little giggly at the thought of how awkward it will be at first. Any tips for success?